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Since a young age, Carol, our Founder and Managing Director, has always been passionate about Chinese culture. She was part of a Chinese dance troupe for 7 years during her younger days and has performed in many parts of China. She is also accredited with the highest level of certification (level 9) for Chinese folk song singing by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China.

After countless all-nighters as a merger and acquisitions specialist in a top firm, she eventually decided to pursue her passion in Chinese culture and founded 锦Jin.

Our Team and Panel of Advisors

Our panel of advisors contain many prominent figures in the Singapore business and Chinese community and we are grateful for their guidance in our business journey.

Mr Thomas Pek

Immediate Past President of the Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association

Ms Rachel Ong
Business Adviser

Chief Executive of ROHEI,

Chairperson of Trybe

Mr Tan Aik Hock
Business Adviser

Immediate Past President of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations

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