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We offer a wide range of Chinese gown for our photography shoots including the Han Fu (汉服), Qing Zhuang (清装), Cheong Sam (旗袍) and Tang Zhuang (唐装).


Scroll down to learn more about the popular categories of Chinese costumes that we offer.

Han Fu (汉服) is the traditional oufit worn by the Han people in China. Throughout dynastic China, there has been many iterations of the Han Fu with varying designs, styles and the creative use of different materials to form beautiful pieces. Today, the Han Fu is one of the most popular traditional Chinese outfits for photoshoots amongst festivals, wedding ceremonies, amongst others.

The Han Fu usually consists of many pieces including:

  • Yi (衣), an open cross-collar garment

  • Pao (袍), full-body garment worn by men

  • Ru (襦), an open cross-collar shirt

  • Shan (衫), an open cross-collar shirt or jacket worn over the Yi

  • Qun (裙), a skirt worn by women

  • Chang (裳), a skirt worn by men 

  • Ku (裤), trousers

The Han Fu is also often complemented by accessories including footwear, headwear, jewelry/ornaments, and belts.

Image by Anthony Tran


Qing Zhuang (清装) was the clothing of the Manchu people after the Ming dynasty was overthrown. Many would remember the imperial Qing Zhuang made popular by the show My Fair Princess (还珠格格).



The Cheong Sam, also referred to as the Qi Pao (旗袍), is a body-hugging dress that originated in the 1920s in Shanghai, China. It is considered to be a garment of Manchu origin. Today, they are a popular choice for festive periods including the Chinese New Year and are also sometimes a choice of dress for brides wanting a traditional vibe to their weddings.


Tang Zhuang (唐装), refers to a type of Chinese jacket that was commonly worn by people from the end of the Qing dynasty. In present day, it remains a popular traditional Chinese jacket often worn by men at formal occasions. Some iterations are also worn by grooms during traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies.

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